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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pete Hoekstra, two steps behind

Perhaps my favorite part of the campaign season was Pete Hoekstra, the longtime western Michigan Congressman, who first quit to run for governor, then LOST, then ran for Senate against Debbie Stabenow. Then he ran an ad, saying that we need to get rid of Stabenow, playing her up as a career politician, up to no good for the people and only sucking at the public trough.

One thing, though. Private Sector Pete (one view you could get of the congressman if you look at Google is very unfortunate) served in Congress from 1993 to 2011, nearly 20 years. Back then, when starting, he slammed his predecessor for sitting in office too long. (Note, you type in his name in Google, and the third option, well above platform is 'racist.' I don't think he's racist, but his Super Bowl ad leaned racist and what kind of experienced politician runs such an ad? Have our more experienced and professional leaders abandoned all standards?)

Now, Stabenow's career might be longer, but serving for 18 years leaves you no room to blast someone else as a career politician, especially since you yourself are (for the second time) seeking a return to public payroll. And third search when Googling her name is of "debbie stabenow weight loss."

Of course, Stabenow's career is much longer, as she was elected to a county position while finishing graduate school. That means that Hoekstra's 15 years experience in with a furniture company tops her private sector experience, which is zero, but that's what he failed to tout with his ad. Whoever is running his campaign's media buys has hurt his campaign more than help, never recovering from that racist-sounding ad that he used to kick off his effort, airing during the Super Bowl when everybody watched. 


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