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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dustin Blitchok's coverage of right to work votes, signing

Gov. Snyder said he signed bills just a few minutes ago. Michigan now a right-to-work state.
Speaker saying motion for reconsideration on bill SB 116 was withdrawn; Segal objecting.
Adler said the House is likely to resolve the reconsideration motion that's holding the second bill this afternoon
HB 4003 bill already being processed to be sent for signature, per Speaker Bolger's spokesman Ari Adler.
Dems proposing "tie-bar" amendments to nearly every item. Tie-bar = bills tied to each other must both pass, or neither does.
Listening for SB 865 to come up; that's the new emergency mgr. bill. It's on the agenda for a 2nd reading and could be voted on today.
House session has reconvened & we are moving through a variety of bills that are on Second Reading. ^aba
MSP is confirming two arrests this afternoon at the Romney Building. (Tweet 1/5)
Do we have a peak crowd estimate from the Capitol today?
Nah man, just crack open a window and I'll throw the most accurate, luckiest toss of my life.
I would kill for a sandwich right now, but the logistics seem impossible.
Shout-out to the person that just gave me a cookie.
Rep. Greimel reacts: "The debate is just beginning."
Dem spokeswoman says Republicans made motion to reconsider to block further motions by Dems after SB 116 passes 58-52.
Republican rep says this may be the ultimate irony: "Unions are free ... but workers are not ..."
"Today we are not only doing the wrong thing, we are doing it in the wrong way." -Minority Floor Leader Segal
MSP Capt. Harold Love says there's been two total arrests today.
Rep. Mark Meadows calls Snyder "apparently spineless."
Troopers passing near House Floor waved over by rep. They began responding, then assured no issue by House Sgt at Arms. MSP then left.
Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi: a "miscarriage of oath of office" and "an outright lie."
"This is a game changer. It is historic, it is needed ... " -Rep. Marty Knollenberg
"This is not Syria. And to see (these) kind of oppressive actions by this leadership will, unfortunately, be your legacy." -Rep. Tlaib
House Bill 4003 will be processed & then presented to the governor for his signature. Debate underway on House floor on SB 116.
Reports of Mace being used outside. Rep. Barb Byrum speaking on House floor against
MIRS reporting former Dem U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer among those pepper sprayed by police.
Rep. Dillon says it's hard to put all of his objections to into words.
Multiple amendment motions by Dems have failed.
SB 116 is the Labor Mediation Act, dates to 1939.
Rep. Barnett: "This amend. would ask quite simply that we stop the farce that we're seeing and witnessing here today."
Rep. Segal asks that appropriation be taken from SB 116.
Segal challenges ruling; automatic roll call vote. Bolger's ruling stands.
SB 116, , discharged to House. Segal objects, says needs committee hearing.
Michigan Dems spokeswoman: arguing for reconsideration, taking issue with Michigan State Police "rushing House floor."
Mich Dems leader: "You have got to follow the rules of this chamber at some point during this session!" Gavel. And that was it.
Dems clustered in front of rostrum, Michigan State Police on House floor
"Shame on you! Shame on you!" chants after Bolger denies motion for reconsideration, Dems pound on desks
passes House, 58-51. Ppl. in gallery chant "Veto! Veto! Veto!"
Speaker Bolger: not about Republicans vs. Democrats, management vs. labor
Capitol is like a party or bar at max cap. Cop comes out, lifts two fingers, two more people excitedly enter.
"What you're doing today will only serve to empower us." -Rep. Shanelle Jackson.
Four years ago, hundreds of bills were discharged without committee hearings, says Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas.
"Let's call this law what it is," said Rep. Constan. "The right to freeloading."
Rep. Farrington calls "freeloader" term insulting.
"Today I rise as a voice for the silent majority." -GOP Rep.
"Without committee hearings, you're still getting public participation. Listen. Look out the windows." -Rep. Lisa Brown
Rep. Lisa Brown speaking; she's the Oakland County Clerk-elect.
"I think the father of their party would be ashamed of them today." -Rep. Townsend on GOP supporters
Townsend quoting Abraham Lincoln: "Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could not have existed if labor had not first existed."
Rep. Jim Townsend from Royal Oak now speaking. Calls return to gilded age, with two classes: rich and poor.
"I see this as tough love for unions," says GOP Rep. Rick Olson.
Rep. Slavens says wages lower, unemployment higher in states.
"Today, I cont. to be amazed & appalled that we have come to this in our beloved state." -Rep. Bauer
Snow flies outside as debated on House floor, protestors fill Capitol inside and out.
Heckler in gallery. When asked to honor House rules, replies: "Please honor the will of the people."
GOP Rep. MacMaster speaking in favor of now.
Rep. Greimel compares Republican actions to "dystopian, totalitarian fiction of George Orwell."
Rep. Geiss said will "undo 100 years of labor relations."
"There will be blood. There will be repercussions. We will relive the battle of the overpass." -Rep. Gross
"This is the nuclear option" -Rep. Geiss on
"This is truly a historic day ... It's terribly sad from my perspective." -Rep. Switalski
Rep. Rashida Tlaib's amendment fails, 61-47.
Roll call vote being held on amendment to take appropriations from Snyder's executive budget.
Republicans blocking roll call votes on amendments.
HB 4003 is the bill relating to public employees.
The attachment of appropriations makes a bill immune from voter referendum.
House takes up HB 4003, bill. Greimel intro's motion to elim. appropriations from bill; it fails.
Dems clap at Hammel's comments on labor; Republicans silent.
"No legislation was passed w/out bipartisan, bicameral support. The same thing can't be said today." -Rep. Hammel
Outgoing Michigan House Minority Leader Richard Hammel speaking.
Police officer on horseback knocked someone to the ground, crowd chanting 'shame on you'. Officer looks visibly shook.
Situation remains fluid. At 9:55 a.m., another 100 allowed to enter.
Demonstrators' cheering audible during House invocation.
At least two of my former students working the story today. and -- did we cover this in class?
On the House floor! In a seat! Connected to the Internet! Ready to rock 'n' roll.
"Hey-hey! Ho-ho! Right-to-work has got to go!"
Demonstrators in rotunda chanting: "Right-to-work? Shut it down!"
I'm at the Michigan State Capitol today covering for . Check back for updates throughout the day.
I'm at Michigan State Capitol (Lansing, MI) w/ 9 others